Our Story

Hangowin started by a young educated Kurdish man named Azad who was self-taught beekeeping through internet. When I met Azad, he brought gift of organic honey from his own two hives of his home village Iranshah (Irankhah), Kurdistan-Iran. The quality of the honey was incredible. I suggested to start his own beekeeping farm. The name Hangowin is an ancient Persian phrase for honey and is still used in Kurdish. It pronounces /hæng/wiːn/ in Kurdish.

The breath taking nature of Iranshah village in Kurdistan with its beautiful flowers is like heaven for bees. The beekeeping in this area goes back for about 5000 years. There are few paintings in historical Karaftoo cave nearby, clearly shows beekeeping during that time.

In Hangowin all the processes of beekeeping are completely natural and organic. We never use chemicals, sugar and fake wax. On the other hand we provide the bees with their own honey for winters. We use plants for sterilization of hives. Every year the natural wax from hives is recycled for next year. This procedure results in making pure natural organic honey. Since the bees are working hard to gather pollens and make new wax, the amount of honey produced is restricted. We have met the 6 kg per hive Hangowin organic natural honey so far that may not be comparable to industrial production level but our emphasis is the prime quality world wide.